Copyrights: Simplified

All of the images displayed on this site and the copies we sell are protected under international copyright law. What this means is right there in the word: Copy Right. It means that only we have the right to make a copy of the image. When you buy from us, you are buying a product which bears a copy of an image. You are not buying any rights to make copies of the image.

Here’s what you MAY do:
  • You may display your purchased copy in your home or place of business, provided that it is displayed in such a way that you are not charging an admission fee in order for people to view it. If displayed in a place of business or otherwise publicly accessible location, a copyright notice must be affixed to the display which shall read as follows: “Copyright {year}, {Artist’s Name}, All Rights Reserved”
  • You may photograph your purchased copy as it appears on display in your home or place of business, and that photograph may be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
  • You may give away or even sell your purchased copy for any amount of money that you can get for it.  We hope you get more than you paid for it.
Here’s what you MAY NOT do:
  • You may not produce additional copies of your purchased copy. 
  • You may not publish the image, including your own photograph of your purchased copy in any website or publication, with the sole exception of social media platforms as described previously, without prior, written consent.
  • Without prior, written consent, you may not create derivative works based on your purchased copy, as this would involve creating additional copies which is expressly prohibited.
  • You may not display your purchased copy in any gallery or exhibition which would require an admission fee without prior, written consent.

In short, you do not own the image, you own the paper or metal or other medium upon which it has been printed.  The image, and all rights to it, belong solely to the original artist. If you are interested in requesting written consent to use an image in some way, please use the Ask Any Question form.

Using our images without permission is called “infringement”. It can leave the guilty party open to legal action and can result in expensive civil and criminal penalties. We will vigorously defend our copyrights, and we consider infringements upon our copyrights to be a form of theft.  Please do not steal from us.